Saturday, November 20, 2010

Cass Tech vs. Lake Orion

I went to a state semi-finals game today between the Detroit Cass Tech Technicians and the Lake Orion Dragons, at Troy Athens. Being from a high school where the team was terrible, I felt like I was in a whole diferent world. This picture doesn't even begin to convey how absolutely packed this stadium was, nor mayhem that was park-wherever-you-can-fit-a-car-on-campus. I parked my car on what must have been a 40 degree angle on a sidewalk. Unfortunatly Cass lost a heartbreaker at the last second, fumbling the game winning touchdown play at the LO 5 yard line. The technicians have to settle on a 12-1 season.
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  1. I was there too. What a heart breaker. I'm so glad of my Cass Technicians. God bless them all. They did us proud. 12-1 is nothing to hang your head about. Unfortunately, they're losing some really good seniors, including the leadership of Delonte Hollowell. But they've got some good returning juniors, including Royce Jenkins-Stone, Terry Richardson and Laron Taylor. I will be right there again next year supporting the Technicians all the way.